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Online blackjack that can be played on the Internet using a computer was the biggest breakthrough in the gambling industry.? Never was it imagined that a casino game like the slot machine would someday be played online.

But such is the magic of advancing technology and people accepted it with much fervor. Days passed by, filled with the excitement at the prospect of playing blackjack from home. It need not be reiterated that gaming enthusiasts loved this.? They enjoyed sitting in the comfort of their homes, without having to dress up formally to visit a casino.

However, typical of human nature, before long the so-called negatives of online casinos became hot topics of discussion, such as the authenticity of random number generators used by online casino. There were many serious players who contemplated going back to playing in the real world.? All of a sudden, the online gaming industry was in danger of crumbling under the pressure.

This dissatisfaction led reputed and high-end casinos like Global Live Casino to look at the possibility of giving players from around the world something they can be happy about.

Live online blackjack came into existence! Other casino games a world-class site such as roulette, poker, jackpot slots and baccarat too took on a life of their own at this casino. With RNG casinos still outnumbering the live casinos, Global Live Casino took upon itself, to use the latest Distance Gaming technology and bring a real blackjack table at a land-based casino home to players, through video streaming.? You can now interact with live dealers and real players at a casino.

Players no longer have any complaints and Global Live Casino offers the real thing.