Us Lotto Results is the only portal that links people to the US Lotto results. Lotto is a popular game of chance that people play in order to potentially gain a large sum of money, a new car or many other extremely appealing prizes. People play the lotto when they do not wish to go to the casino or load their favorite poker room because they may not have the time to do so. Here's a casino that offers great games with a nice Italian theme in the background. The RomeCasino website has been around for quite awhile. It has managed to attract Italian and non-Italian casino players. Viva Italia! Other people enjoy the lotto because it is very much a numbers game in the true sense of the phrase. Players have certain methods that they adhere to faithfully when they play US Lotto, such as choosing their childrens' or pets' birth months or days, picking their favorite numbers or even only using prime numbers. Some people will use the process of elimination to make an educated guess about what numbers will be chosen.